EFIEES’ purpose is to promote the activities of Companies providing Energy Efficiency Services in the European Union



EFIEES welcomes the Commission’s proposals to make the EU “Fit for 55”

Yesterday, the Commission has published the first part of the “Fit for 55 package” which includes proposals to revise the EED, the RED, the ETS, the ESR and the ETD. EFIEES welcomes this ambitious “Fit for 55″ package, as reviewing these key directives will allow to align EU’s legislative framework with its new climate ambitions, Read More

EFIEES’ feedback on obligations to publish non-financial information under the EU Taxonomy

This week, we submitted our feedback to the European Commission’s draft delegated regulation on sustainable finance, concerning obligations for certain companies to publish non-financial information. The delegated act specifies the disclosure obligations under the Taxonomy Regulation, which provides that certain large undertakings should disclose information on how and to what extent their activities are associated Read More

EFIEES’ letter in reaction to the latest draft delegated act on Sustainable Financance

Last Friday we sent a letter to the EU Commission to react to the latest draft delegated act on Sustainable Finance (Taxonomy). As representatives of the energy services’ sector, hence promoters of energy management solutions allowing to improve and keep energy performance over time (such as Energy Performance Contracts, EnPCs), we are particularly pleased to Read More

EFIEES’ Answer to EPBD Review Roadmap Consultation

Earlier this week we have submitted our answer to the Eu Commission’s consultation on the roadmap for EPBD review. In light of the renewed climate ambition for 2030 and of the long-term climate neutrality goal, EFIEES welcomes a possible review of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD), in line with the objectives and actions Read More

EFIEES’ Views on the Revision of the RED

Earlier this week we have submitted our answers to the EU Commission’s public consultation on the revision of the Renewable Energy Directive (RED). Energy services and their energy management solutions, such as Energy Performance Contracts (EnPCs), which are already key instruments widely acknowledged in the EED, should be better recognised and promoted within the revised Read More

EFIEES’ Views on the Revision of the EED

Yesterday, we have submitted our answers to the EU Commission’s public consultation on the EED review. We took this chance to reiterate our main messages and suggestions for an effective EED review: Reflect ‘Energy Efficiency First’ along the whole energy chain throughout the EED Make Energy Efficiency targets binding Enhance the role of effective Energy Read More

EFIEES’ Feedback on EU ETS Update Consultation

Today, EFIEES has submitted its answers to the European Commission’s questionnaire on updating the EU ETS. We welcome the objective of this initiative, which aims to revise and possibly extend the EU ETS, in order to meet the renewed climate ambition for 2030 and the long-term goal of climate neutrality by 2050, while considering the Read More

QualitEE Final Report Published

The final report of the QualitEE project is now out ! It summarises the documents and deliverables written and published during the project’s lifetime, including an updated analysis of EPCs and ESCs European markets  and a description of the work done on national quality assurance schemes in each country covered by the project.  The report also draws Read More




EFIEES welcomes the Renovation Wave

Buildings are responsible for approximately 40% of energy consumption in the EU and 36% of greenhouse gas emissions. Considering the increased climate ambition for 2030 and the long-term objective of climate neutrality, it appears clear that more decarbonisation efforts are urgently needed in the building sector, and that buildings need to be fully considered as Read More

EFIEES’ President presents EES benefits during IEA event on Energy Efficicency

On October 1st, EFIEES’ President, Pascal Guillaume, has had the pleasure to discuss how energy efficiency and energy management solutions are key to support energy transition, during an event co-organised by the International Energy Agency (IEA) and the Chilean Ministry of Energy. Pascal Guillaume presented the benefits of Energy Efficiency Services, that provide for tailored solutions Read More

EFIEES’ Feedback to EED Review Roadmap

Yesterday, EFIEES has submitted its feedback on the EU Comission’s Energy Efficiency Directive Review Roadmap.  We reminded that if the EU really commits to step up its ambition for emissions reduction in 2030 to at least to 55%, more efforts on energy efficiency, both in primary and final energy consumption, are urgently needed and a Read More

EFIEES’ Feedback to RED Review Roadmap

Yesterday, EFIEES submitted to the EU Commission its feedback on the Renewable Energy Directive Review Roadmap. In our answer to this consultation we reminded that: Renewable Energy must be Efficient Energy too If we are to deliver on an increased ambition for 2030, we must ensure that the development of energy efficiency (EE) and renewable Read More

EFIEES Co-signs a letter to call to align Horizon Europe Budget with the European Green Deal

Along with 21 other organisations, EFIEES has sign a letter reminding that in no circumstances should Horizon Europe’s Cluster Climate, Energy and Mobility receive less than the amount the Commission proposed in 2018 (13.3bn EUR in constant 2018 prices) – and that it should in fact receive much more. Horizon Europe is a vital instrument to Read More

EFIEES’ feedback on the Roadmap for a Strategy on Energy Sector Integration

Yesterday, EFIEES has submitted its feedback on the roadmap for a strategy on Energy Sector Integration. In our answers to the Commission’s questions, we have emphasized that: As a necessary precondition, a truly integrated energy system should ensure the proper application of the Energy Efficiency First principle, as defined by the Governance Regulation. A really Read More

QualitEE final press release: Foundations laid for EU Quality Assurance Schemes to increase the uptake of Energy Efficiency Services

The European Green Deal sets out the ambition to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050, in particular through a ‘renovation wave’. Energy Efficiency Services will play a key role in delivering this by offering turnkey packages of expertise, resources and financing to unlock opportunities that may otherwise remain untapped. The QualitEE project has recently Read More

EFIEES co-signs a letter calling for fair co-financing rate for the LIFE Programme

EFIEES and 15 other organisations have co-signed a letter asking LIFE commitee and the EU Commission to set co-financing rate for CSA projects at above 80% and as close to 100% as possible. Indeed, only such level of co-funding would allow renewables and energy efficiency sectors to continue their activities and carry on EU projects Read More

EFIEES’ Answer to the Consultation on the future of the LIFE Programme

Earlier this week, EFIEES has submitted its answer to the targeted consultation on the future of the LIFE programme. We reminded, among others, the importance for the Climate Change adaptation/mitigation sub-programme to support the development and the implementation of Member States’ NECPs, as well as regions, and local stakholders in raising awarness on these topics. Read More

EFIEES’ Answer to the Taxonomy Consultation

Yesterday, we have submitted our answer to the Consultation on the Taxonomy, conducted prior to the draft of the Commission’s first delegated act on climate change mitigation and adaptation activities. EFIEES welcomes the Regulation on Sustainable Finance and the latest TEG Report of March 2020. Yet, to guarantee the success and effectiveness of the Taxonomy, we reminded the Read More

EFIEES co-signs EU Green Recovery letter to policy makers

EFIEES and 36 European associations representing energy efficiency and renewables value chains have sent a letter to the European leaders and decision-makers to urge them to link the European Green Deal and the response to the COVID 19 pandemic. The signatories call on the European Commission to Fully integrate the proposed economic stimulus packages and Read More

EFIEES’ First Reaction on the 2030 Climate Target Plan Roadmap

Yesterday, we have submitted our feedback to the Commission’s Roadmap on the 2030 Climate Target Plan and related inception impact assessment. The challenge of increasing the pace of the energy transition will be even greater, at a time when national authorities are struggling to address the critical economic consequences of Covid-19. Hence, we are convinced that Read More

EFIEES welcomes the Climate Law and calls for a full engagement of the energy efficiency sector on the way to climate neutrality

  Today, we welcome the Commission’s proposal on the Climate Law, inserting in the EU legislation an EU-wide binding climate neutrality target for 2050 and setting out the general framework for the trajectory which will be established in order to enable the collective achievement of this goal. In order to deliver on this ambition, we Read More




EFIEES welcomes the European Green Deal

EFIEES welcomes the new EU Green Deal and is ready to engage with the new Commission   EFIEES welcomes the European Green Deal and  its focus on the need to primarily enforce the existing legislation and the engagement of the Commission to work closely with Member States in this respect, also within the framework of the Read More

Joint-letter on Energy Communities in Clean Energy Package Transposition

In view of upcoming transposition guidance by the European Commission on the provisions related to ‘Citizen’ and ‘Renewable Energy’ Communities in the Clean Energy Package, EFIEES, ASSOESCO, CONFINDUSTRIA and COGEN Europe call for the development of enabling frameworks in Member States, allowing for communities to effectively materialise and result in innovative models of energy generation, distribution and storage, Read More

EFIEES’ Questions to Commissioners-designate

On September the 10th, President-elect Von der Leyen presented the allocation of portfolios among the potential future Commissioners. Kadri Simson, who has been proposed for the Energy portfolio, will be heard by European Parliament’s ITRE Commitee on October the 3rd. Frans Timmermans, who has been proposed Executive Vice-president for EU Green Deal and Climate action, Read More

The Coalition for Energy Savings publishes recommendations for the new European Parliament and Commission

The EU has set minimum energy efficiency levels through its 2030 targets, but actions and measures are yet insufficient. That is why the Coalition for Energy Savings, of which EFIEES is an active member, has just published a position paper with 4 priority actions for the new European Parliament and Commission (2019-2024) in order to Read More

EFIEES publishes its Manifesto for 2019 – 2024

EFIEES has adopted a Manifesto outlining 5 key messages for an energy-efficient Europe. We call on future European leaders to prioritise the following crucial actions on the agenda of debates and discussions: Putting energy efficiency first Establishing an appropriate policy for the decarbonisation of the heating and cooling sector Ensuring a balanced approach between the Read More

QualitEE’s Market Research supplements the IEA’s new ESCO website

The International Energy Agency (IEA) has conducted an in-depth survey on the global Energy Service Company (ESCO) market. This survey was conducted in 2018 across 25 countries and has revealed a significant increase in the global ESCO market value. By looking at ESCOs across the G20 and major emerging economies (Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Mexico Read More

EFIEES welcomes Pascal Guillaume as new President

The Board of Directors of the European Federation of Intelligent Energy Efficiency Services has appointed Pascal Guillaume as its new President for the next three years. The start of his presidency became effective on 1 January 2019, as Bernard Thomas stepped down. Mr. Guillaume has devoted most of his career to the energy services sector Read More




Joint Statement on (Local) Energy Communities – Market Design Directive

In view of the upcoming conclusion of interinstitutional negotiations on the Market Design Directive, EFIEES , ASSOESCO and CONFINDUSTRIA call EU legislators to develop a legislative framework where (local) energy communities can effectively materialise and result in innovative models of energy generation, distribution and storage, as well as provision of key energy efficiency services. The Read More

3 Recommendations for becoming more Energy Efficient

Our Secretary General, Valérie Plainemaison, was invited to suggest 3 actions companies should take to become more energy efficient. Here what her top 3 recommendations are:   The video is part of  a media campaign launched by the European Resource Efficiency Knowledge Centre (EREK) to foster resource efficiency in SMEs.

Successful EUSEW event shows the benefits and opportunities offered by Energy Performance Contracting for the Public Sector

On Thursday 7 June, EFIEES, eu.esco, EU-ASE, Factor 4 and EVO organised, in the framework of the EU Sustainable Energy Week 2018, a seminar on “Energy Performance Contracts to foster Energy Efficiency in the public sector – how to turn difficulties into success?”. The event, featuring high-level speakers from the EU and financial institutions, as Read More

EFIEES’ key messages in view of EED and RED trilogues in June

(Photo: consilium.europa.eu) In view of the forthcoming conclusion of interinstitutional negotiations on the Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) and Renewable Energy Directive (RED), with next trilogues scheduled for the 13th June and the Energy Council’s meeting currently taking place in Luxembourg, EFIEES reiterates its support for the consistent implementation of the ‘Energy Efficiency First’ principle across Read More

Press Release – Study Highlights Sound Primary Energy Factor Approach Needed to Inform Consumers on the Real Efficiency of Heaters

On the 15th May, the Research Center for Energy Economics (FfE) published a study on the Primary Energy Factor (PEF) for electricity and the corresponding CO2 Equivalent Emission Factor (CEEF) applicable to technologies coupling heat and electricity sectors. According to the study, commissioned by COGEN Europe, the additional electricity demand from sectors subject to electrification Read More

EED Trilogue – EFIEES signs a joint briefing paper on EU Primary Energy Factor calculation methodology for electricity

The EU Primary Energy Factor for Electricity (EU PEF) value of 2.0, proposed by the European Commission in the 2016 review of the Energy Efficiency Directive (EED), reflects several inaccurate methodology choices, disregarding recognised standards and undermining the ultimate objectives of the EED to deliver energy savings across the entire energy value chain. The joint Read More

Joint Letter: EU Primary Energy Factor for Electricity: Key for Efficient and Renewable Heat in Europe

In a joint letter co-signed with AEBIOM, COGEN Europe, EGEC Geothermal, Euroheat & Power and Solar Heat Europe, EFIEES asks EU negotiators to: Set an average EU Primary Energy Factor for electricity (PEF) of no less than 2.3 in EED Annex IV, reflecting the real efficiency of the electricity system, through a robust and transparent Read More

EFIEES calls for a balanced approach coherent with the “Energy Efficiency First” principle in view of the start of the EED and RED trilogue negotiations

Ahead of trilogue negotiations on Renewable Energy Directive and Energy Efficiency Directive, EFIEES: Calls for the confirmation of the binding nature of the EU energy efficiency and renewable targets Calls for maintaining the extension of the 1.5% annual energy savings obligation in EED Article 7, with no loopholes and both supply-side measures as well as Read More

Press Release – EFIEES welcomes the European Parliament’s clear and balanced stance towards energy efficiency and renewables

EFIEES welcomes the outcome of the vote which took place on the 17th January 2018 in the plenary of the European Parliament on two crucial files of the Clean Energy Package, the Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) and the Renewable Energy Directive (RED), in particular: EFIEES applauds the adoption of two ambitious and binding targets at Read More




EFIEES’ meeting in Rome hosted by Italian member AssoESCo

On the 23rd November 2017, EFIEES held its members’ meeting in Rome, hosted by its Italian member, AssoESCo. The association published a press release on its website. Meeting’s summary “Energy Performance Contracts: a fundamental tool to enhance energy efficiency”: one of the main messages of EFIEES’ meeting in Rome, hosted by its Italian member-association, AssoESCo. Read More

Press Release – EFIEES welcomes the European Parliament’s ambitious position on the EED and RED

EFIEES, representing energy efficiency service companies (EESCs) across Europe, welcomes the votes of the Industry (ITRE) Committee of the European Parliament on the review of the Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) and the Renewable Energy Sources Directive (RED). They constitute a major step forward, following the successful adoption of the EPBD report in October, which sent Read More

EFIEES’ position paper on the ‘Clean Energy Package’ revision

EFIEES welcomes the draft reports presented by the rapporteurs and the several amendments tabled by the Members of the European Parliament on the Clean Energy Package. EFIEES keeps on supporting the consistent implementation of the ‘Energy Efficiency First’ principle across all the elements of the package as well as the following guiding principles: Efforts towards Read More

EU Sustainable Energy Week 2017 – EFIEES presents concrete solutions to boost energy efficiency services markets

On the 22nd June 2017, EFIEES co-organised with eu.ESCO and EU-ASE a conference entitled “Boosting energy-efficiency services markets for building renovation and system efficiency”, in the framework of the 2017 edition of the European Sustainable Energy Week. The conference was divided in two expert panels. The first panel was composed of Timothée Noël, European Commission Read More

Primary energy factor – EFIEES signs a joint letter to the Council of the EU

On the 17th May, EFIEES, together with COGEN Europe and Eurogas, sent a letter to the Council of the EU. Our three organisations welcome the Clean Energy Package and agree that the Primary Energy Factor (PEF) value set at 2.5 must be revised to better take into account the changes in the energy system as Read More

EFIEES signs a cooperation agreement with DENEFF, the German Business Association for Energy Efficiency

On 6th April 2017 a cooperation agreement was signed between EFIEES and DENEFF, the German Business Association for Energy Efficiency. Founded in November 2010 with the support of German Minister of Economics Rainer Brüderle, DENEFF now gathers about 140 members committed in energy efficiency, from innovative SMEs and start-ups to major international corporations. The association Read More

EFIEES’ position paper on ‘The Clean Energy for All Europeans’ package

EFIEES presents its position paper on the ‘Clean Energy Package’ and calls for implementing the ‘Energy Efficiency First’ in line with the three principles: More consideration to be paid to energy efficiency services Equal treatment of renewable energy sources, whether produced on-site or supplied through the energy carrier A territorial/district approach, rather than an individual Read More

European heating sector urges Members of the European Parliament to support the EU ETS reform

Representatives of industries committed to a sustainable, low carbon future call on the Members of the European Parliament to support the European Parliament’s Environment committee report from  15 December 2016 during the plenary vote on 15 February 2017 so that its provisions can be implemented without further delay.




EU Clean Energy Package: “Energy efficiency first” and the conclusions of the EU Strategy on Heating and Cooling should be the guiding principles for the final texts

EFIEES welcomes the European Commission’s “Clean Energy for All Europeans” package including notably the revisions of the Directives on Energy Efficiency, Energy Performance of Buildings, Renewable Energy Sources and a new Electricity Market Design.

The Primary Energy Factor for grid electricity in the Energy Efficiency Directive – recommendations by the European heat sector associations

To avoid negative impacts on the market and unrealistic savings calculations, European heat sector associations call on the European Commission to apply a solid methodology in the light of the principles outlined below. This reconsideration should result in a Primary Energy Factor for grid electricity close to the already established 2.5.

EFIEES’ recommendations on the upcoming “Energy Union Package”

EFIEES presents its recommendations ahead of the upcoming "Energy Union Package".

The position taken by EFIEES on the proposed method for calculating the primary energy factor (PEF) for electricity

EFIEES supports the approach taken by the European Commission, which aims to use a revised method for calculating the PEF for electricity in a more rigorous and transparent manner.