About The European Code of Conduct for Energy Performance Contracting

Download the EPC (Energy Performance Contracting) European Code of Conduct.

The European Code of Conduct for Energy Performance Contracting (the “EPC Code of Conduct”) is a set of values and principles that are considered fundamental for the successful, professional and transparent implementation of Energy Performance Contracting (“EPC”) projects in European countries.

The EPC Code of Conduct defines the principles of the behaviour primarily of the EPC providers. At the same time, the EPC Code of Conduct is an EPC quality indicator for clients on what they should expect and require from EnPC providers and which principles they themselves should adhere to in order to achieve expected energy savings and related benefits.

Those European associations representing the ESCOs at a European level which also took part in Transparense are the following: the European Federation of Efficiency Services and Energy Intelligence (EFIEES) and the European Association of Energy Efficiency Service Companies (eu.esco) signed the EPC Code of Conduct and became the joint European administrators of the Code of Conduct from 1 September 2015.

For further details please contact your national administrator of the EPC Code of Conduct in your own country or the joint European administrators of the CPE Code of Conduct:

EFIEES | Eline Blanchard |

eu.esco | Simone Alessandri |

Status on June 2020: 240 signatories in Europe: 154 EPC suppliers, 15 EPC suppliers’ national associations, 1 European associations and 70 other bodies* which are active within the EPC market.

*some organisations are acting as both EPC providers and EPC facilitators

Signing procedure – EPC Code of Conduct

If you wish to apply for the status of a signatory of the EPC Code of Conduct, please download the signature form and follow the instructions for sending it to your national administrator. If there is no national administrator national in your country, you can send the form to the joint European administrators of the EPC Code of Conduct EPC:

EFIEES | Eline Blanchard |
eu.esco | Simone Alessandri |

Download the EPC European Code of Conduct procedures.

National Administrators of the European Code of Conduct for EPC (Energy Performance Contracting)

Status on May 2020: 22 National Code Administrators (20 EU Member States  + UK and Norway)

Country code — National Code Administrator — Contact person

ATDECA Robert Pichler 
BEFEBETEC Wim Vermeire & Christian Alboort
BG — Alliance for Energy Efficiency (AEE) — Kiril Raytchev — The application procedure — The National List of Signatories
CY — NA — NA
CZAPES Eva Ksiazczak 
DEVedec — Volker Schmees
DKEC NetworkNils Daugaard 
EE — NA — NA
EL — REACM/ANATOLIKI S.A — Kostas Konstantinou 
ESEscan Margarita Puente 
FI — NA — NA
FRSNECNader Ben Maad — The application procedureThe National List of Signatories
HR — NA — NA
HUHungarian Energy Efficiency Institute (MEHI) Gabriella Szalai
IE — NA — NA
IS — NA — NA
ITFederesco Claudio G. Ferrari 
LTLithuanian Energy Institute — Romualdas Skema
LVBuilding and Energy Conservation Bureau — Kristaps Zvaigznitis
MT — NA — NA Mami Veza
NO — NEE — Thea Mørk
PLKrajowa Agencja Poszanowania Energii S.A. Karolina Loth-Babut 
PT ISR-University of Coimbra Carlos Patrao & Anibal T. de Almeida
ROARPEE & ESCOROM — Catalin Dragostin & Gerard Verdebout — The application procedure
SEEnergiEffektiviseringsFöretagen (EEF) — Lotta Bångens — The National List of Signatories
SIJozef Stefan Institute – Energy Efficiency Centre — Damir Stanicic
SKAsociácia poskytovatel’ov energetických služieb (Association of Energy Services Providers) — Marcel Lauko — The application procedure
UKEnergy Managers Association (EMA)Jana Skodlova – The application procedure & The National List of Signatories

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