EFIEES’ purpose is to promote the activities of Companies providing Energy Efficiency Services in the European Union


News | 19/11/2021

EFIEES' position on the Energy Efficiency Directive

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EFIEES' Answer to EC Consultation on RED revision

Today, we have sent our answers to the EU Commission's consulattion on the RED revision proposal. We believe that the revision of the Renewable Energy Directive (RED) should be an occasion to furth

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EFIEES' position on the revision of the Energy Taxation Directive

Today, we submitted our feedback to the European Commission's proposal to revise the Energy Taxation Directive (ETD). The revision aims to align the tax system for energy products with the Union's

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Who Are We ?

The purpose of the European Federation of Intelligent Energy Efficiency Services (EFIEES) is to promote the activities of Companies providing Energy Efficiency Services in the European Union. These services include the design and implementation of practical measures that aim to improve the energy efficiency of their customers by means of long-term contracts. Their objective is to optimise the energy management of end-users.


EFIEES is made up of two types of members: organisations and companies. 12 members currently place their trust in the EFIEES.

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Optimum energy management, the operation and maintenance of energy efficiency improvement measures and all kinds of equipment Read More


The aim of EFIEES is to promote the work of Service Provider Companies working in Energy Efficiency within the European Union. Read More


Pascal Guillaume

Valérie Plainemaison
General secretary

Per Lundberg
Junior Policy & Communication Officer

Eline Blanchard
Policy & Project Officer