The International Energy Agency (IEA) has conducted an in-depth survey on the global Energy Service Company (ESCO) market. This survey was conducted in 2018 across 25 countries and has revealed a significant increase in the global ESCO market value.

By looking at ESCOs across the G20 and major emerging economies (Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Mexico and South Africa), IEA findings reveal that the global ESCO market grew 8% in 2017 to a value of $28.6 billion. However, findings also show that the European ESCO market is significantly underdeveloped in comparison to other regions. Additionally, the IEA survey provides further analysis on the involvement of Energy Performance Contracts, ESCO financial models and policy measures.

To supplement this study, the IEA has combined its findings with the market research carried out by the QualitEE project, of which EFIEES is an active partner, to provide country specific results.

To find out more about the global and national ESCO markets, visit the IEA’s new interactive Global ESCO website.


Image © IEA

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