The European Commission presented the 18th of May the REPowerEU plan in response to the double urgency to transform Europe’s energy system: ending the EU’s dependence on Russian fossil fuels, and tackling the climate crisis.

EFIEES welcomes the European Commission’s push for higher ambitions and recognition of vital instruments for reducing buildings’ energy consumption and fossil fuel dependencies.

To meet the objectives, we want to highlight three points and suggest further actions to fulfil the REPowerEU potential:

  • Scaling up the use of energy services and energy management solutions, such as energy performance contracts that can guarantee energy and CO2 performance over time.
  • Facilitating thermal solutions, particularly at a district level, including giving a broader role to efficient district heating and cooling.
  • Ensuring that the regulatory and fiscal conditions support the uptake of waste heat and sustainable biomass.

“REPowerEU is raising the energy transition at a new level. This ambition calls, more than ever, for solutions that will guarantee quick and tangible results. Energy efficiency services have a unique role as their solutions, like energy performance contracts, combine energy and decarbonisation measures, active energy management, users’ awareness and demand management actions with a guaranteed performance”, says Pascal Guillaume, EFIEES’ President.

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