As part of the Coalition for Energy Savings, along with COGEN Europe, Euroheat & Power, European Geothermal Energy Council, smartEn Smart Energy Europe, Solar Heat Europe (ESTIF), and T&D Europe, we call for a binding EU primary energy target ahead of the EED trilogues on March 2nd and 9th.

As part of the EED recast, the Commission proposes a binding EU energy efficiency target for primary energy in 2030. While the European Parliament supports this proposal, the Council of the EU is seeking an indicative target instead.

We believe primary energy consumption is critical in reflecting energy performance across the entire energy chain. It helps identify energy losses and optimal solutions, particularly in the heating market. Furthermore, it ensures full comparability of all available solutions, both electric and thermal, during a time when all available and efficient solutions are necessary to support the energy transition.

Thus, EFIEES stresses that keeping primary energy consumption targets, alongside final energy consumption ones, is vital for the full implementation of the Energy Efficiency First principle within the EED revision.

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