EFIEES is looking forward to the future “Energy Union Package” and its legislative proposals for reviewing the Energy Efficiency (EED), Energy Performance of Buildings (EPBD) and Renewable Energy (RED) Directives. By making the following recommendations, EFIEES’ main messages are in line with its support to the EU Strategy for Heating and Cooling. We thus reminded in this paper the key principles for a low carbon, efficient and integrated EU energy system.

  • Energy Efficiency first” principle is key to a successful Energy Union Package. It is a prerequisite for energy transition towards renewable energy sources, as well as basis for the reduction of CO2 emissions.
  • Cost effectiveness must be one of the guiding elements for prioritising actions, with projects based on a market approach, and integrated in an “energy efficient territory”.
  • A strong price signal for carbon is more than ever the necessary incentive for ETS-subject industry, as well as for the entire economy, to intensify efforts for decarbonisation.
  • Renewable as well as recovered heat must be promoted
  • Obstacles and discriminations against energy efficient solutions must be deleted
  • Accesss to EU funds must be facilitated for energy efficient projects
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