EFIEES welcomes the EU Strategy for Heating and Cooling, showing awareness from the EU legislator for a need to address heat in a dedicated way, distinctly from electricity. EFIEES also highlights that an “ Energy Efficiency first” principle is key to a successful energy and climate policy, as a prerequisite for energy transition towards renewable energy sources, and a basis for CO2 emissions reduction. Cost effectiveness must be also one of the drivers for prioritising actions, with projects based on a market approach. Looking forward to the forthcoming legislative proposals on the review of the Energy Efficiency (EED), Energy Performance of Buildings (EPBD) and Renewable Energy (RED) Directives. By making the following recommendations, EFIEES’ main messages in each public consultation, available on www.efiees.eu, are the following:

  1. An Integrated approach
  2. EU-wide measurs for a decarbonised energy system
  3. Buildings as part of an “energy-afficient territory”
  4. Tackling EU and national barriers detrimental to efficient heating and cooling
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