In view of the upcoming conclusion of interinstitutional negotiations on the Market Design Directive, EFIEES , ASSOESCO and CONFINDUSTRIA call EU legislators to develop a legislative framework where (local) energy communities can effectively materialise and result in innovative models of energy generation, distribution and storage, as well as provision of key energy efficiency services.

The recent developments in the negotiations have led to a new definition of these entities, renamed “citizens’ energy communities”. This clarifies the main purpose of these entities, which is to provide environmental, social and economic benefits to their members, by increasing citizens’ engagement in the activities that are essential for the sustainable development of their community.

Nevertheless, all actors participating in the communities and contributing to their objectives shall be enabled to play a real and effective role inside of them.

This is particularly true for energy efficiency services and for all the companies which, irrespective of their size, support the development of the communities by bringing expertise, technical know-how and job creation, which should thus not be excluded from active participation in the communities and their governance.

Read the full statement below:

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