In view of upcoming transposition guidance by the European Commission on the provisions related to ‘Citizen’ and ‘Renewable Energy’ Communities in the Clean Energy Package, EFIEES, ASSOESCOCONFINDUSTRIA and COGEN Europe call for the development of enabling frameworks in Member States, allowing for communities to effectively materialise and result in innovative models of energy generation, distribution and storage, as well as energy efficiency services, by applying the following principles:


– Allow for full participation in the communities to all contributing entities, including private undertakings of any size and nature (industrial, tertiary, ESCOs), as long as they support and enable to achieve the communities’ objectives;

Ensure that communities are based on an inclusive governance, where all community members have their voice heard and are duly consulted at any time of the decision-making process;

Maintain the scope of (renewable/citizen) energy communities as broad as possible, notably to ensure consistency with the Energy Efficiency First principle by fully integrating all energy efficiency solutions alongside renewable energy technologies.


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