On the 29 May, EFIEES attended the International ESCO Symposium 2024, organised by the Global ESCO Network and held at the UNESCO Headquarters in Paris.

The event gathered ESCOs, ESCO associations, government representatives, financial institutions, and associated partners to inspire government actions for scaling up the contribution of ESCOs to the global response for mitigating the threat of climate change and meeting the goals set out by the Paris Agreement.

Lots of ideas were shared, to create the conditions of this massive take-off of energy efficiency actions: from an ESCO bank, to dedicated energy efficiency funds, “super-ESCOs”, private public partnerships, energy efficiency & carbon contracts, waste heat recovery, ESCOs as “one-stop-shops”, and even crowd funding, in addition to the regulatory tools that exist in some parts of the world – the Fitfor55 as far as EU is concerned, with the EE1st principle as one of its corner stones.

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