Buildings are responsible for approximately 40% of energy consumption in the EU and 36% of greenhouse gas emissions. Considering the increased climate ambition for 2030 and the long-term objective of climate neutrality, it appears clear that more decarbonisation efforts are urgently needed in the building sector, and that buildings need to be fully considered as part of our energy systems, according to an integrated and holistic approach to energy generation, distribution and consumption.

In light of this, we welcome today’s Communication by the European Commission, presenting a strategy to trigger a Renovation Wave for Europe, as one of the flagship initiatives of the EU Green Deal.

In particular, we strongly appreciate the attention that the Renovation Wave Communication draws on the following elements, that will be essential to make energy efficiency in our buildings and districts more effective:

  1. Energy Efficiency First at the heart of the strategy
  2. Solutions offered by ESCOs and Energy Performance Contracting
  3. An integrated & district approach to the renovation of buildings
  4. A Renovation Wave prioritising the decarbonisation of heating & cooling

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