EFIEES has been closely following the work of the EU Parliament on the EU Emissions Trading System (ETS) revision and the Social Climate Fund (SCF) proposal. We welcome the overall revision of the EU ETS with stronger ambitions, and the introduction of a carbon price in additional sectors currently not covered by ETS, notably the building sector (ETS2), provided that such a scheme is properly implemented, reliable, and accompanied by the right tools and measures to compensate potential social impacts.

After going through the draft-reports of the committees responsible for these files, as well as ITRE’s draft opinion on the ETS, we would like to remind two guiding principles, not yet well enough recognised in the Commission’s proposals and the draft amendments from the Parliament:

  1. Energy efficiency and energy management solutions such as Energy performance Contracts (EnPCs) are essential to support vulnerable households and accompany market changes
  2. Decarbonising the heating & cooling sector requires a mix of diversified solutions, notably District Heating and Cooling (DHC) systems

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