On Thursday 12th October, EFIEES organised a roundtable on the revised Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) and the role that Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) and energy management solutions can play to support its implementation.

Bringing together the European Commission, the Joint Research Center (JRC), EFIEES’ members and friends, the event has been a great opportunity to take stock of the European regulation developments on energy efficiency, and to consider ways to move forward towards their implementation.

Indeed, with the adoption of the Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) recast the EU has set up high ambitions for increasing energy efficiency and reducing energy consumption. Energy management solutions are essential to meet these objectives, and Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) as well as Energy Performance Contracts (EnPCs) providers have a key role to play in this respect.

To feed the discussion, Margot Pinault, from the Commission’s DG ENER, Paolo Bertoldi, from the JRC, and Eline Blanchard, EFIEES’ head of policy, delivered insightful presentations, to set the scene and feed the upcoming discussion. Then, the roundtable focused on the implementation of the directive, and the next challenges and opportunities for the EnPC market.

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