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In view of the forthcoming conclusion of interinstitutional negotiations on the Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) and Renewable Energy Directive (RED), with next trilogues scheduled for the 13th June and the Energy Council’s meeting currently taking place in Luxembourg, EFIEES reiterates its support for the consistent implementation of the ‘Energy Efficiency First’ principle across all the elements of the ‘Clean Energy for All Europeans’ Package.

More specifically, on the EED, EFIEES calls for:

  • The introduction of a binding energy efficiency target;
  • A strong article 7, based on keeping the 1.5% annual energy savings obligation until 2030;
  • A primary energy factor (PEF) for electricity reflecting the reality of Member States’ current energy mix.

On the RED, EFIEES calls for:

  • An active contribution of the Heating & Cooling sector to the overall renewables’ target, with the possibility for waste heat/cold to play an active role in this regard;
  • The further modernisation and greening of District Heating/Cooling systems, to be promoted in Article 24 by providing existing networks with the necessary conditions to implement the required measures and investments.

Read the full position paper:

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