EFIEES hosts an open discussion on the 20th of April 2022, 14:00-15:30, with representatives from all three EU legislators and the Coalition for Energy Savings as guest speakers: “Scaling up energy efficiency actions for buildings, heating and cooling: How can the Energy Efficiency Directive better contribute?”


Energy efficiency is a crucial cornerstone for reaching the EU’s climate targets and ensuring energy security. ​Heating and cooling stand for half of the EU’s energy demand and buildings 40% of the energy consumption.

EFIEES invites you to a public debate on the tools, challenges and opportunities to scale up energy efficiency actions in these sectors through legislative changes in the Energy Efficiency Directive (EED), including special attention given to district solutions and active energy management.


Pernille Weiss: Member of the European Parliament (EPP, DK), EED shadow rapporteur

Margot Pinault: Team Leader, Energy Efficiency Policy Development, European Commission (DG ENER)

Miroslav Marias: Principal State Advisor, International Energy Relations, Ministry of Economy, Slovakia

Arianna Vitali Roscini: Secretary General, The Coalition for Energy Savings

With final remarks by Pascal Guillaume, president, EFIEES

Moderated by Valérie Plainemaison, General secretary, EFIEES

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