EFIEES’ purpose is to promote the activities of Companies providing Energy Efficiency Services in the European Union

EFIEES calls for a balanced approach coherent with the “Energy Efficiency First” principle in view of the start of the EED and RED trilogue negotiations

Ahead of trilogue negotiations on Renewable Energy Directive and Energy Efficiency Directive, EFIEES:

  • Calls for the confirmation of the binding nature of the EU energy efficiency and renewable targets
  • Calls for maintaining the extension of the 1.5% annual energy savings obligation in EED Article 7, with no loopholes and both supply-side measures as well as end-use actions included
  • Strongly supports the maintenance in RED of the inclusion of the efficient recovery of waste heat/cold along with the recognition of the role of efficient district heating and cooling networks as major actors for the decarbonisation of districts and cities.

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