EFIEES’ purpose is to promote the activities of Companies providing Energy Efficiency Services in the European Union


Energy efficiency


28 September 2017: EFIEES’ position paper on the ‘Clean Energy Package’ revision

16 February 2017: EFIEES’ position paper on the ‘Clean Energy for All Europeans’ package


5 December 2016: EU Clean Energy Package: “Energy efficiency first” and the conclusions of the EU Strategy on Heating and Cooling should be the guiding principles for the final texts

20 October 2016: EFIEES’ recommendations on the upcoming “Energy Union Package”

21 June 2016: EFIEES position on the proposed method to calculate the Primary Energy Factor (PEF) for electricity

21 June 2016: Eurostat rules relating to public debt and deficit: a barrier to Energy Performance Contracts (EPC) in the public sector – briefing note

16 June 2016: Key principles for an efficient, integrated European energy system with low carbon emissions

13 April 2016: EFIEES’ response to the public consultation on the rationalisation of obligations in terms of planning and reporting within the framework of the governance of the Energy Union

29 January 2016: Summary of EFIEES’ response to the public consultation on the Energy Efficiency Directive


30 October 2015: Summary of EFIEES’ position on the consultation on the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive

17 July 2015: Some key ideas about the EU Strategy for Heating and Cooling

11 March 2015: The EU strategy for heating and cooling should prioritise energy efficiency