EFIEES’ purpose is to promote the activities of Companies providing Energy Efficiency Services in the European Union



EFIEES represents the interest of companies providing Energy Efficiency Services and ensures that their potential is widely recognised across Europe

To this end, we:

  • engage in a constant dialogue with EU institutions and other stakeholders;
  • raise awareness about the economic and environmental benefits that these companies can provide;
  • promote the exchange of best practices between members of the Federation;
  • participate in research activities that aim at further developing the energy efficiency sector;
  • address economic, social, administrative, legal, technical, financial, tax-related or other questions which are asked within the European Union having a potential effect on the profession;
  • engage in projects that aim at raising awareness and increasing trust in Energy Efficiency Services; notably through the development of quality criteria for the assessment of quality standards;
  • distinguish between Service Provider Companies working in Energy Efficiency and pure energy suppliers.