EFIEES’ purpose is to promote the activities of Energy Efficiency Services Companies (EESCs) in the European Union



 SSEEs design and implement practical measures to improve their customers’ energy efficiency, based on long-term contracts. Their activities are aimed at optimising energy management for end users.

To achieve this, EFIEES is focusing (but not exclusively) on:

  • distinguishing between Service Provider Companies working in Energy Efficiency and pure energy suppliers
  • addressing economic, social, administrative, legal, technical, financial, tax-related or other questions which are asked within the European Union having a potential effect on the profession
  • fostering experience and information exchange between members of the Federation
  • representing the shared interests of its members to European institutions and to community bodies, be they public or private, dealing with topics relating to SSEEs
  • raising awareness of the work of SSEEs to the European Union.

The members of EFIEES represent:
30 billion euros per year in turnover
130,000 jobs