EFIEES’ purpose is to promote the activities of Energy Efficiency Services Companies (EESCs) in the European Union


Best practices

Members of EFIEES develop and deliver best practice in many areas of their activities, such as district heating and cooling, industrial heat and Energy Performance Contracting.

Based on the sharing of multiple experiences, tools can be implemented at the clients’ facilities with the advice and expertise of EFIEES’ members.


Energy Performance Contracts

EFIEES definition of the Energy Performance Contract

  • Definition in Directive 2006/32 EC relating to energy efficiency in end uses and in energy services

“A contractual agreement between the beneficiary and the supplier (normally an SSE) of a measure whose aim is to improve energy efficiency where the investments in this measure are granted in order to attain a contractually-defined level of improvement in energy efficiency”

  • Definition in the Commission’s 2011 Plan for energy efficiency

“Within the context of this form of purchase based on performance, financial savings made from lower distribution service bills and maintenance costs arising from energy efficiency measures are to be used to cover fully or partially the investment costs attached to these measures.”